5 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy

I am all about coziness. Especially during our Minnesota winters. And let me tell ya, it has been cold in our neck of the woods lately. Like so cold the air literally hurts your face when you step outside. Why do we live where the air hurts our face?! Because we don’t have earthquakes, snakes, or alligators. That’s my reason why. 

No matter the season, I strive to create a cozy home all year-round. I am definitely a homebody and most days I would rather stay put with my dog than go out. 😉 I love to take a space and make it my own, as I have found that home is truly where you make it. Though constantly evolving when it comes to decorating our home, I have come up with five ways to help make your home cozy. Let’s dive in!

The first way to create coziness is soft lighting. I no doubt inherited this trait from my mama. Give me all the lamps and candles please! Jacob and I joke, if he beats me home, he turns all of the overhead lights on. Then when I get home, I turn them off and turn on all the lamps in the house instead. Now, don’t get me wrong, overhead lighting definitely has its place, but I’ve found that when I’m trying to relax at home in the early mornings and evenings when it’s dark outside, soft lighting is my friend. Another way to create soft lighting is by lighting candles! They create a comforting and soothing ambiance and for me, also help calm anxiety.

Second, incorporate natural elements. I love real plants and try really hard to keep them alive throughout the winter inside! I’ve also enjoyed finding unique pots, as they can add to the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Home Goods or TJ Maxx have been my go-to places for finding one-of-a-kind planters! Fresh flowers also make my heart happy, but I don’t always have them displayed. This beautiful poinsettia is still from Christmas. Around the holidays at our church, we can purchase poinsettias in honor of or in memory of someone. I purchased this one in honor of my sweet niece and goddaughter, Elsie, who is only two years old but is also a cancer survivor. Toughest girl I know.

Now, the third way to create coziness in your home is an important one. Texture! I include texture in a variety of ways – through drink coasters, table runners, throw pillows, blankets, and rugs. 
These cowhide coasters are my absolute favorite! I purchased these from amandaradke.com a couple of years ago, and I think they just add such a fun flair to home decor but give a nod to my personal style too. I love this table runner because of the neutral tones it provides. And if you know me (or you’ll soon find out), I am ALL about neutral tones. 🙂 Additionally, as the four seasons come and go, I like to switch out different items like these evergreen trees and pinecones. Small items like this can level up any amount of texture.

My husband will argue with me on this one, but I think throw pillows totally elevate the vibe you want to create in your home and they’re just so fun to mix and match. Jacob literally throws them off the couch and bed, which I suppose is kind of funny being they are “throw” pillows. I also love a good soft blanket, like this white one. Blankets are the epitome of coziness. But speaking of the color white – I will never buy anything white again. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way more than once…. By having a farm dog who is also a house dog, and a farmer husband. Enough said. No white anything. Ever. Again.

I love a good area rug and very much wanted to take a photo of my (again) white living room rug *facepalm*. But, one night our sweet doggo, Hawk, thought it would be great revenge on his caretakers (who both fell asleep on the couch) to chew a hole in the middle of the rug. Haven’t replaced it because he is still a puppy and it’s honestly just a battle I do not want to fight again. Ha!

Fourth, indulge in your favorite scents. I’m adding candles here again because I love ‘em, but they really do help create that signature scent that every home has! My all-time favorite scent is Fresh Balsam or Evergreen. I could honestly burn it all year-round! Another way I embody my favorite scents is through an essential oil diffuser. I bought this one at Target and it works great in our living room. I’ve been using the Lemon scent from Young Living recently and it is so refreshing.

Lastly, the fifth and final way I create coziness in my home is by displaying pictures! I love to document the people in my life that I love the most, as well as the seasons I’ve been through that have brought me happiness and contentment. A picture can bring back so many wonderful memories and really is worth a thousand words.

I have a bonus for you too…. To create a cozy home, just add anything that brings you joy! Like an adorable dog on your couch. 😉

Winter is progressing quickly, and while I don’t like to wish away time, I am looking forward to warm and sunny spring days. But in the meantime, I hope one of these tips can help you create a cozy home to get through the rest of winter. We’re in this together.

Rooted in ag and led by faith,


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