Monthly Favorites: April 2022 Edition

April was a B-U-S-Y month for both of us. And to be honest, the cold, rainy, windy weather has made it difficult to feel inspired with content creation. We thought for sure we would be in the field planting by now, but we are still 10+ days (at least) out from starting. If you could, we would appreciate prayers for warm, sunny weather to get the soil warmed up and ready for seed to be planted – farmers sure have the itch. With life being crazy, just Ellyn here with some monthly favorites I’d like to share with you for April!


As mentioned, April was a very busy month. The first three weekends of the month consisted of three bridal showers for my sister, next it was Easter, and then she got married last weekend! I remember looking at the calendar this week, and like most months, I wonder where in the world the time went. We had such a wonderful time celebrating my sister, Erin, and her new husband, Joe, for their beautiful wedding. It was just simply a gorgeous venue and ceremony, and we had such a fun time at the dance! It was so great to see family and friends that we haven’t seen in a while, too.

To go along with the wedding, there are two products that made my favorites list I wanted to share! My first monthly favorite is a staple in my every-day getting ready routine but is also a very important item to have with for special events like a wedding! Hairspray. And not just any hairspray, Kenra hairspray. I have always used Kenra for the maximum hold and I think it’s just because that’s what my mom has always used too! It is almost a nostalgic scent from my childhood, and I use the products my mama did growing up. I always have a bottle (or two!) in my bathroom, and you can bet it comes with me when I’m traveling or getting fancied up for a special event. If you’re in need of a new hairspray, or just want to try something different, I highly recommend Kenra!

I’ve shared my second favorite before, but I believe that it is THAT 😉 good I just had to share it again! It is no secret that I love Red Aspen beauty products. I love them so much I became a brand ambassador just to get a little commission back on products I was buying anyway – haha! This product is new to Red Aspen this year and I am obsessed. These pedi masks are absolutely incredible and do wonders for my dry (I know, gross but hey, being honest) feet. I gifted a couple to my mom and sister for the weekend of Erin’s wedding and we had so much fun the night before her wedding just pampering ourselves with them in the hotel! They really have helped treat the chronically dry skin on my heels and they are just such an inexpensive way to treat and pamper yourself at home. Afterall, we all deserve some pampering once in a while!

As I write this, I’m sensing a theme… In past posts, I’ve also shared my love for candles. And thanks to my sister, I have a new favorite brand! She gifted me two over the course of the last few months as I helped her through some of the wedding planning process. These Homesick candles are incredibly fragrant, and I just love their branding. All of their candles are made in the USA, and they are made with a soy wax blend, which comes from soybeans! So, I’m all about supporting a company that uses agricultural products. They make the perfect gift as they are incredibly personal, and when looking through their website, there seems to be a candle for every occasion.

One thing I have listened to on repeat during April is a new podcast produced by some of my friends on Instagram. Elevate the Podcast is hosted by Tara Vander Dussen, an environmental consultant and dairy farmer from New Mexico, and Natalie Kovarik, a digital creator and rancher from Nebraska. I’ve connected with both Tara and Natalie online more in depth over the last few months, but I am SO excited because I get to meet both in June when I attend Rural Rooted in Texas. Natalie created the Rural Rooted retreat in 2021 and I am honored to have been selected for one of her 2022 classes. It is a retreat intended for women in the ag/western/rural lifestyle that want to see their dreams and goals become reality. I am just so dang excited. 

But Elevate the Podcast is a resource where entrepreneurs can find tools and strategies to confidently share their agricultural story online, how to monetize their brand, where to find community among women in agriculture and business, and how to cultivate passion while also making money. Tara and Natalie have incredible insight and provide tangible advice. We in agriculture have to tell our stories, because if we don’t, someone else will and they won’t get it right. It is something I have become very passionate about so Elevate has been an amazing resource!

My last favorite to share with you this month is kind of a silly one, but it has become a favorite kitchen appliance in our household the last several months. Our refrigerator does not have an ice maker, and our freezer isn’t big enough to hold a big bag of ice. So, for Christmas Jacob asked for an ice maker – and that’s just what I got him! We love our Whirlpool one, pictured here. It is really convenient to make ice when we need/want it. It doesn’t take up too much space and actually turns out ice pretty quickly. Jacob enjoys having fresh ice for an adult beverage every now and then. 😉 I couldn’t find a link for the exact one we have, but this one on Amazon is very similar!

Praying for warmth and sunshine in the coming days… Ready for my farmer to get in the field to plant, but I’m also ready to get my perennial garden cleaned up and all of my flowerpots planted!

Jess and I are so grateful for each and every one of you that are present in this space. Reading our blog means more to us than you will ever know!

Rooted in ag and led by faith,


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