Our Flock Grew By 5

Let me take you back to a week ago Saturday when the weather was GLORIOUS in MN. (Today, not so much – it’s windy & cold…brrr!) My kids, husband, and I were outside for most of the day cleaning up the yard and garage to prepare for Spring! It’s such a good feeling to check things off the list. We also needed to make a trip to our local farm and fleet store to grab a few things. While we were there, our kids’ true personalities showed through. Bryce was a direct reflection of Ben, and Savannah of myself. Let me explain what I mean. 

Any parent who brings their kids to the store knows that it can sometimes be challenging to walk away without buying them something. My kids (for the most part) practice great self-control in Target or Aldi, but a store that has toy farm equipment and baby chicks is their kryptonite. Just thirty seconds into the store and Savannah spotted the baby chicks, while Bryce’s big brown eyes were set on the toy aisle… Needless to say this time we did give in as we ended up ordering five baby Americana chicks per Savannah’s request (just like her mom) and Bryce did get a little skid loader that he’s been eying up for awhile (just like dad!) There’s no denying that the farm gene runs strong in these two! 

We haven’t had baby chicks for about 2 years now and our flock has been declining a bit, so it felt right to add some new life to it. Plus, we have been missing our teal eggs! Bryce was a baby when we bought chicks the first time around, so this proved to be a new experience for him, too! On this week’s cold and rainy Tuesday, I brought our baby chicks home to our family. They’ve been spoiled and loved ever since. The kids check on them daily to ensure that they have enough water and food before they leave for school/daycare in the morning. And they make sure to peek in on them as soon as they get home. 

I feel grateful for the opportunities to teach our kids about being stewards to our animals. Many kids don’t get that kind of hands-on experience, but our two littles do. It’s a blessing. For more updates on all things animals, subscribe to our email list below!

Rooted in ag and led by faith,


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