Home Decor Ideas to Welcome Spring

Winter can tend to hang around a little too long sometimes, but yesterday was officially the first day of spring and we hit 70 degrees today in Minnesota! To welcome the warmth and sunshine, here are a few ideas for transitioning your home decor to welcome spring. 

One easy way I love to transition my home from winter to early spring decor is to use plenty of faux and real greenery, plants, and flowers. The buds aren’t popping outside quiet yet, but you can definitely make it feel like spring inside with plenty of foliage, real or not! And now is definitely the time to fill up your home with green – it certainly boosts my mood this time of year. 

I love these faux fiddle leaf plants and incorporate them into many corners of my home. I bought these quite a few years ago at Target, and I just give them a little dusting when I pull them out of the tote and they’re ready to go! I also love these magnolia and lavender stems. They give a clean and crisp pop of color that I feel accents greenery quite nicely.

Here are a few foliage ideas to add into your spring decor:

  • Ferns (my favorite!)
  • Ivy
  • Succulents
  • Boxwood
  • Moss
  • Grass

Another way I add a pop of spring color to my decor is by adding wreaths throughout my house. I absolutely adore this boxwood wreath I purchased from Target when I was still in college (a number of years ago!). I’ve put this on our front door every spring since we’ve lived in our first home. It is such a beautiful pop of green on our darker blue/gray door, and white house!

We live in a relatively smaller house, and naturally I have accumulated a decent amount of home decor over the years, so what I love to do to display my favorite decor throughout the seasons is by layering! This mantle is hung in our dining room, and it is one of my favorite spots in our house. The “Then Sings My Soul” frame is from Smallwoods Home and it is a staple piece that always stays put.

The candle sticks are actually the candles Jacob and I used for our unity candle lighting during our wedding ceremony! With the changing seasons, I love to layer in a different print or framed quote like the one on the left of the picture. And I also like to change out the foliage. I love these little grass vases (again, from Target!) as they provide such a clean, simple look.

Another place I layer in our home is on our living room coffee table. The textured runner is a staple piece that never leaves. And depending on what I’m feeling with the change of the seasons, the wooden tray stays, or I swap it out for a different one. I layer in a photo, textured coasters, a candle, and a variety of greenery. Then behind the tray, I love to add a bigger plant, like this beautiful Boston fern.  

An additional decor item I love to add into my spring decor are fresh scented, muted color candles. You’ve maybe noticed a few candles in several pictures above. 😉 Floral notes are my favorite! And there is just something so relaxing about a burning candle, even when it is getting warmer outside. 

The last thing I like to focus on when transitioning my house to spring are the clear, vibrant colors that differentiate from winter decor. Don’t get me wrong, I love simple white and green decor, but spring is the perfect time to focus on the colors of nature – fresh and bright. A lavender purple, mossy greens, sky blues, and sunshine yellow. These colors make my heart sing this time of year!

I am ready to put winter to bed and start with a fresh beginning spring promises. Now I just can’t wait to get outside and get my fingers dirty working in my yard and flower beds! 

Thank you for being here. Become an insider below to keep the ideas coming!

Rooted in ag and led by faith,


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