Spring Cleaning Checklist

There is no doubt that spring is coming! Get a jump start on your spring cleaning with this handy (and pretty) checklist.

For me, spring always is a season that brings hope and the promise of new life. Like most people, I love the warmer weather and longer daylight hours. It pushes me to get outside and be more active, and I tend to find that I get so much more done than in the winter when it’s dark by 5:00 PM! 

We pulled the grill out this week for supper a couple of nights, and that combined with watching the snow disappear, revealed that I have a lot of cleaning and yard work to do to get our property in tip-top shape! This time of year everything is so brown, but I definitely look forward to knowing that the early flower varieties will start blooming before we know it and I’ll start planning my flower pot combinations. 

With the change of the seasons, I also switched out some of my home decor (post coming this weekend!). Moving things around in our house reminded me of the deep cleaning that I need to do. I clean our house weekly, but sometimes those really deep, detail-oriented cleaning tasks become neglected in the winter months. 

I have found that with spring cleaning, I can’t do it all in one week. Trust me – I’ve tried. I get crazy ideas and a burst of energy, and then about halfway through my tasks, I burnout and have a hard time finishing all of my cleaning. So, what I do is break up the rooms or tasks into several weeks or weekends and do a little bit at a time. That way I don’t burn out and I ensure my house really does get a good cleaning!

Last year I made myself a checklist so I wouldn’t miss anything. I wanted to share it with all of you in hopes that it might make your spring cleaning a little easier this year! Feel free to save the image below. 🙂

Now, remember, just do a little bit at a time. One week, work on your kitchen. Then the next, the bathroom. And continue on until your entire house is clean!

Jess and I have some cleaning tips and homemade cleaning products to share over the next month, so make sure to subscribe below!

Happy spring. 🙂

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