Baby Bump Alert! And It’s Not Who You’re Thinking

Here is an update on our expecting Angus mamas!

This time of year in our line of work, because harvest is complete and snow is now on the ground, we take a moment (very short it seems, ha!) to enjoy the slower pace until the next phase in our farming operation begins. That moment will be over in about two weeks or so, because for us at HyTest Ag, that next phase is…  calving season! This means goodbye to normal sleep schedules, goodbye to late night movies with the spouse, planned date nights and dinner reservations, because all of that goes out the window when calving begins!

Calving season can be such an exciting time for all. Nothing says spring like new (cute and furry) life on the farm. Savannah and Bryce are going to have a heyday over all the babies!

Earlier this week we relocated our Angus herd from grazing on corn stalks (which began right after the corn was taken out of the field in the fall) to our calving facility where they will wait comfortably until the end of their term. Here we are able to care for and keep a closer eye on our expecting mamas in a few ways. We will increase their rations so that they have a healthy weight when calving in, make sure that their vaccinations are up-to-date, and watch for early signs of calving. We have 22 cows expected to calve within about a month or less. Talk about one busy barnyard. 😉

As our cows start calving in, we’ll be sure to post more updates on them, like my girl right here, Olive!

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3 thoughts on “Baby Bump Alert! And It’s Not Who You’re Thinking

  1. Ahh Jessica this is fun news!! But I really was hoping you were going to say that you were going to be a mommy again🥰 but happy to be a farm girl again 😌

  2. Congratulations on your babies yo be born. So exciting. Your kids will love watching the miracle of birth. Glad your a farm girl, I once was myself and my loving memories were growing up on a farm. Alot of work but so rewarding. I love animals and the imagination a person can create loving on a farm. 🥰

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